Hey everybody!

First of all, let me point out that I'm an almost complete and utter noobie when it comes to video editing. Anyway, I'm writing blog, and today I decided to do a video interview for my latest post. I simply set up the laptop facing me and my interviewee, and had Debut Video Capture Software record the whole thing.

I set the output to .avi.
Video compressor: MPEG4 (Native)
Sound compressor: MP3 (Native)
Sound format: 44100 Hz, 128 kbps, Stereo.

I've recorded 49 minutes of video, but when I view it...

The sound runs perfectly throughout the video.
The first 11 minutes, 48 seconds is all black/no video.
Between 11:48 and 13:32, the visuals"catches up", running the first 13:32 minutes super fast for about 1 minute and 42 seconds.
For the rest of the video, the visuals follow the audio, but it's all choppy and about half a second out of sync.

Please tell me that I can repair this, and how I do it!