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Thread: Vegas Pro 8 - Program crashes when rendering compressed audio

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    Exclamation Vegas Pro 8 (Build 144) - Program crashes when rendering compressed audio


    Hello everyone, this is RobinlvGamer!
    As written, the title "Vegas Pro 8 - Program crashes when rendering compressed audio" is literal.

    First, I am able to render videos flawlessly if I render it with Video & Audio, but only if the audio is uncompressed.

    The problem is that when I render with compressed audio - after rendering 100% it will say an error and the file becomes corrupt.

    I have illustrated this to my newest video on my youtube account, I put a link just here.

    This video shows me rendering a video flawlessly in Disabled Audio, and Uncompressed Audio. On the end of video - it shows how it crashes due to that I rendered the audio compressed.

    I really suggest to watch the video in youtube and watch the video in full size. I believe double-clicking the video below will start a new window (which you can then view in full size)

    I really need help. I have knowledge to Vegas Pro 8 - but this problem never happened me.

    My computer crashed and it uses Windows XP, I used to render videos there in entire MP4 640x360 or 1280x720 videos in perfect 30fps, the video size 20-50MB per 10th minute.

    Now the computer commited suicide (doesn't work), I have to use my laptop... If I do a video, it will be under 10-30MB, but if I do uncompressed audio - it will be 300MB to 2GB!!! Outrageous!

    I really need help, so please.
    My youtube is otherwise R.I.P if I don't get help. I also got like 12 hours gameplay for my Playthrough that I can't render due to a faulthy Vegas pro 8.

    Details of my Laptop:
    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (6.01.7600)
    DirectX: 9.0c
    CPU name: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU - T4400 @ 2.20GHz
    CPU speed: 2194MHz
    Memory: 4096MB
    Screen size: 1366x768 (32bits)
    Video card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650, 1024MB
    Audio card: {1} {2}
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    You say you are on Build144. VP8 stopped at Build260 which was VP8c, which has to be way on from Build144.

    Do read the Audio issues in prior Builds of VP8 and consider downloading the most recent and final build.
    Here is the White Paper on Vegas Pro 8]

    If you still get issues after installing then maybe you have other local issues, but starting with the latest/final issues of VP8c will have at least removed any speculation about the suitability of your present build and version.

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