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Thread: Need a Video Editor for a small job

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    Default Need a Video Editor for a small job

    Hi All,

    I have film which has been edited and burnt on DVD - but it has small part that needs cutting out.

    I do not have the original AVI on a hard drive - So require this to be extracted and converted back to AVI format then the small part cut out, and burnt back onto DVD.

    Other than this there are a few small editions that can be added to make it a worthwhile job for someone.

    However the main part is the cutting out part.

    I understand that this may affect the quality - how much do you think it will make a difference to the quality? It is crucial that the part is removed from the film - so in weighing up the pro's of cutting the part out and quality loss - is the quality loss that significant?

    Thank you in Advance.
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    Hi there' I'll have a go at this for you, it will lose some quality because you'll be ripping the Mpeg2 file from the DVD which probably won't be the same resolution and quality of your original AVI source file but as you say if it's essential than it's a sacrifice you have to make. Email me at if you'd like to discuss.

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    I'm a professional TV editor and would be able to do this for you, please get in contact.

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