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Thread: Just starting video editing, need some advice!

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    Default Just starting video editing, need some advice!

    Hi all, I'm really interested in video editing and I know close to nothing about it. What are the first few steps I should take to dive right in? What software should I be using? What are some great beginner tutorials that helped you? I'm not afraid to do the work to get good at this but I don't want to waste my time with bad software/tutorials. So any really good ones you guys can suggest? Thanks in advance

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    Same answer as another thread, so I'll paste!

    You'll get as many different answers as there are members on here!
    Try demo's of Vegas, Adobe elements etc and see which one you prefer, but with AVCHD footage you'll need a fairly fast pc. Higher end dual cores will do it slowly, but a quad core is prefered.
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