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Thread: Chemical Brothers Vs Wizard of Oz

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    Default Chemical Brothers Vs Wizard of Oz

    Here is my little I movie project using "Got Glint" and clips from the Wizard of Oz. Its almost like the music was made for the film.

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    good work ! Got Glint has always been my favourite CB track..... the video, maybe a little over long for some but the dance scenes worked well with the music. ive never seen the film but it looks kinda trippy set to Got Glint LOL !

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    I've got great respect for enc's opinions & am on my best behaviour after being reprimanded twice but that left me dumbstruck!
    One of the most famous films ever made overdubbed with a tape of an early years class doing musical expression played backwards!
    Sorry, didnt get it, didnt like it, & I'm trying hard not to be rude.
    The Chemical Brothers must have a lot of people fooled.


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    I thought the mixture was immature. Whilst the technical aspects of ripping off and connecting video and audio from different sources is very simple; matching and editing the clips to the music requires a lot more work than shown here. A similar effect could be had by playing Leonard Cohen at 78rpm backwards.

    I accept that some of the dance steps coincide with the beats of the song, and some of the changes in instrumentation coincide with particular events (e.g. the squarewave syth and the evil witch) there appears no thought given to other aspect of the music. Indeed, the clip gets a little boring to watch.

    If it's a first attempt, then - well done. But I would have enjoyed it lots more if it demonstrated more skill in interpreting the music.

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    I agree with Tim Andrews. It seems that this was put together and framed by your interest in the song and movie alone, and that no other dynamic of expression was atempted or considered. To me this hardly went together well -movie and audio. Pink Flyod has done it already, and better. This needed more engagment for the viewer to emotionally invest in because as it stands it got boring after the first half minute. Still, I think this video has an audience, but not with me. Peace my friend.

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