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    Default avchd software

    hi guys

    just joined and would like to know what would be the best avchd editing software to use as the jvc software that came with my camcorder is just so hard to camcorder is the jvc gz-hd10ek.I am more than happy with the picture quality on my full hd tv but need to put footage on pc and burn dvds.

    thanks in advance

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    You'll get as many different answers as there are members on here!
    Try demo's of Vegas, Adobe elements etc and see which one you prefer, but with AVCHD footage you'll need a fairly fast pc. Higher end dual cores will do it slowly, but a quad core is prefered.
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    hi IanA

    thanks for your reply i will try some demo software and then buy the one which i seem to get on with better.
    thank you again.

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