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    I am trying to find a way to quickly edit sports video which has many different people in it. I specifically want to be able to isolate individuals in the video. Just thinking about doing this sounds very daunting and time consuming. Is there an efficient way to do this or some good software to do this with.

    I really appreciate any input and am more than happy to answer any questions that would make this question easier to answer. Thank you!

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    It is daunting and time consuming. Basically you need to draw a mask around the character you are trying to isolate - one frame at a time.
    Sony Vegas Pro (not the consumer range - Movie Studio variants) is one program which will allow you to do this.

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    Is it possible to do this in Final Cut Pro? I've looked everywhere but I can't seem to find a way to draw your own masks in Final Cut. You can only use thier pre-set mask shapes. If I can't do this in Final Cut, could I do it in Motion?

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    this sounds very difficult to do for the particular ongoing project I am working on. There could be up to 30 different people appearing at different times in the video and I will have 15-20 videos to do this with on an ongoing basis.

    I was thinking about video analytics but it seems that this doesn't work for non stationary cameras...

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    You could try Aftereffects CS5, but it needs a 64 bit PC
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