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Thread: How to Change Video Ratio/Frame Size?

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    Question How to Change Video Ratio/Frame Size?

    I have two videos, which have different frame dimensions. One is 576x320, and the other is 640x480.

    Is there any way to change the ratio/size of the videos, so that their frame size is equal?

    (I don't mind if one of the videos has to be stretched slightly.)

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    Unfortunately, you have to setup the aspect ratio BEFORE you start a project.

    You can start a new project with the correct aspect ratio, but PE doesn't let you copy and past from one project to the next. To do that, you will need the assistance of a program like Clipmate. Install clipmate, open the old project. Highlight everything in your timeline and copy. Open a new project (set your aspect ratio first), then you can paste into the new project. You may still have to adjust all your images to fit the new screensize.


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    Forgive me if I've missed something, but where did the OP state they were using Premiere Elements? Most applications will let you conform videos to the aspect ration or frame size of the project. For example in Premiere CS4 you can right click on the video in the bin and scale to frame size. Alternatively, you can manually scale the video by zooming.

    What application are you using?

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    Thanks for your replies, but I found a program called VirtualDub which does exactly what I need.

    Thanks anyway!

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