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    Hello all,
    I am in the process of creating a web browser text based game Fantasy-Ville • Information, this game is a Fantasy based game which is still in production.
    I am currently in need of an experienced Video editing veteran that is willing to create a promotional video about the game.
    Something along the lines of this: .
    But obviously my own ideas put into the video.
    I am willing to pay a price for this.
    Please reply to this thread if you are interested, with your experience in which ever programs you use, how long you have been video editing and a couple of videos you have created along with a quote of the job.
    Kind Regards, Dene Gordon.
    Edit: This person will also be kept on board to do other jobs for other parts of the game or perhaps other games in production if they have proven themselves to be a well deserved paid worker.
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    Hi dene I can sort this video out for you. Email me On and we will discuss further. Thanks

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