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Thread: Pinnacle Studio 14 ult. voice over

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    Default Pinnacle Studio 14 ult. voice over

    Hi there,
    Am new to the forum and would appreciate some advice with a problem.
    Have been working with Pinnacle Studio V9.4 for several years and have got on well with it. Just got a new computer and have downloaded Pinnacle Studio 14 ultimate on a trial basis. Everything seems to be working O.K. except that
    it will not communicate with the microphone for the voice over. Have been into settings and got it at 16 bit mono. There is no choice of mic - in version 9.4 there was.
    Have tried all the sound sockets on the computer.
    I have used a mic with a battery for voice over work on V9.4 with no problem, and it still works there if I go back into it, so no problem with the mic itself. Also tried a different mic with no battery on the new computer but still no joy.
    Is it possible that the trial version of V14 ultimate will not accept voice over?

    Suggestions appreciated.


    AMD Athlon II X4 635 2.9GHz
    4 gb memory
    1 tb hard drive
    Windows 7 64 bit

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    It should work I would have thought in the trial version.
    Is there any information in the settings mic text box? or is it blank.

    You may have tried this but plug your mic in to the socket them restart your computer then check the mic text box in settings.

    You should get a message from windows that a mic has been plugged in, if so check your audio icon near the clock and make sure its not muted.

    I bought a cheepy mic from the 99p store and it works great.

    Please post back here how you get on, in the mean time I will fire up V12 and let you know what my settings are.

    Cheers Mike

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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for response.
    Have tried plugging mic in and the restarting computer but without success.

    In the settings section there is a choice of two mic's -
    Master volume - stereo mix (VIA High Definition ...
    Master volume - line in (VIA High Definition A ... maybe more but not displayed
    Have tried both.
    Have also tried 16 bit, 8 bit stereo and mono settings.


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    Hello Roy

    Seems like a miss match somewhere.

    This is what I have just done.

    Plugged Mic into front Jack. Windows (Vista) Confirms Mic is plugged in.

    I then fired up [Pinnacle V12 and checked the Audio settings box.

    It says: Voice over recording
    Master Volume :Realtek High Def
    Channels 16bit Stereo
    Sample Rate 22.05 KHZ

    And that's on a Mic I bought from the 99p Store it works great.

    In the spec box there is only the one Mic plugged in shown.

    Try this and post back let us know how you get on.

    Regards Mike

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    Hello Mike,

    Have now made some progress. I right clicked on the speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and got into the appropriate area.
    Initially the mic connections were not displayed but by right clicking on the clear space where the one other connection was showing the disabled connections appeared. I have now got the mic to work through the rear socket but cannot get it to operate through the front one - which would be much more convenient.
    At least I can now add voice-over! Thanks again for your help.


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    In my first post

    "You should get a message from windows that a mic has been plugged in, if so check your audio icon near the clock and make sure its not muted."

    Glad you sorted it

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    Just to finish off this thread, the guy that built my computer called round and after explaining to him the problem with lack off communication through the front sockets, he went into the BIOS section on the computer to 'enable' them and now the mic works perfectly from there.


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