I'm trying to record my xbox 360 gameplay with a dazzle HD and with Pinnacle Studio 14 (HD).

I'm playing on my 24'' acer computer monitor through vga with a Y splitter.
One VGA goes to my xbox 360 and the other one goes to a PC to Video EZ box then a S-Video cable connects to my Dazzle HD then to my computer from there.

When I try to "capture" or record my xbox 360 gameplay, it cuts off the left side of the screen a little and it cuts off about the top 1/10th of the screen and puts it underneath the bottom of the screen. Here is a picture of what it looks like.


^^^Even though this picture/video was not in widescreen, even in widescreen it does the same thing.^^^

How do I fix this?!

Please be specific with what settings I should have, resolution, etc. As much detail as possible please.

Thank you very much.