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    I am new to the wonderful world of creative imagery that is Premiere, however there is a black cloud on the horizon.

    When I import an Mpeg or Avi or Divx into Premiere it runs smoothly in the scource screen but when I load it to the time line it becomes jerky and extremely shaky ... almost as if it is trying to play three versions of itself but out of sync. It does this also in the Monitor Screen but as I said not in the Source Screen.

    It is to say the least driving me mad as I simply cant figure out why it is doing this, nor can I find any advice in the Help section of Premiere.

    If anyone out there can suggest a remedy I would be very grateful, in fact I promise to mention the name of who helps me when I collect the Oscar I am bound to win with the movie I am making.

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    This crops up a lot. Premiere is not designed to edit mpeg (or divx) but some claim they can get a result. It's intended for use with raw avi files.

    Adobe's reasoning is that, because mpegs are strongly compressed, exporting a finished sequence many times will result in terrible quality video.

    Try importing just avi files alone on the timeline - playback should be smooth. I think your problem is mixing the file types.

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    Thanks for the tip ... its a pity I cant import those file types as the majority of the clips I have are either Mpeg or Divx.

    I suppose I will have to source some new software.

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    load the files into virtualdub - - and convert them there. Vdub is an amazing free program that no viditor should be without.

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    thank you for the advice ... I saw that on ... I am using x-video converter but it is only a demo ... pity Premiere didnt just allow for Mpegs and Divx

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