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Thread: Forge Construction: episode 1 (short version)

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    Default Forge Construction: episode 1 (short version)

    I took your advice and re-edited this video, Short Attention Span Version; (S.A.S.V.) I would like your honest oppinion. Thank you.

    Ryan AKA rgander1 AKA "the videobloggoligist"

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    It's difficult to be anything but subjective about the length of the speeded up version - I'm bound to say I think it's better having been cut shorter,

    Suggestion - rather than cutting between clips which are disjointed, consider dissolving. Audiences are used to seeing this technique to represent time passing.

    I like the look of the title, but the "Hillbilly Highlander Forge" looks too high in the frame for me.

    I don't know whether you want to make the SFX sound more like they are coming from the location rather than dubbed, but if so I suggest tweaking the sound a bit to make it a tad more "distant" - add a touch of reverb and reduce the frequency range (to make it sound like it was recorded with a mic on location) and dubb in some background audio. "Atmosphere lite" is a free program which can create a wide variety of backgound sounds - or simply record "nothing" in a forest for a minute or two.

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    The sound FX or dubbed in sound was way to much both in volume for the rest of the mix and in content.

    Sometimes less is more.

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    Looking at it now, I can see how a disolve would help smooth out the cut scenes.

    The whole video is done on WMM and I dont know if there is a way to center the slow zoom on the titles. If anyone knows, I'd love to fix the high frame in the opening.

    As far as the sound fx goes, I was trying to be alittle over the top with it to give it a silly Monty Python kind of feel. I may have failed miserably at that, but that's part of the learning curve. You'll never know if you don't try.

    I simply don't have the time to do this treatment to the other six finnished episodes, However I did keep in mind the shorter attention span on episode 7 wich I just finnished last night. I have no idea how many episodes there will be but maybe by the time I have completed this blacksmith shop, I'll have worked most the buggs out, and be making entertaining little video spots.

    Thaks for all your feed back, it is most appreciated.
    Ryan AKA rgander1 AKA "the videobloggoligist"

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    my tip here is for the ultra short attention span you find on the tube, drop the titles, my advice is do not title on youtube unless your setting up a viral video or giving a warning about content
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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