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    Hello guys, I'm new here, and I try to understand what is the technique that the editor of this short film used ,from about the 11 to the 18 seconds of the video?... that shaking camera effect that add so much to the mood in this video!
    Does anybody know?

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    What I meant in my post is that I have no idea how to create this, I mean... I don't even know if it is some kind of shaking or blurr effect? and perheps sombody here know a similar technique in creating this?

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    There are a few things going on at that time eg the contrast/brightness is been adjusted every few frames this gives it the flickering look and there is a couple of very quick but small zoom in and out which gives the shaking look. There may be one plug in that will create this effect but I don't know what it is. There may be others who do these kind of things to there video who does know of a plug in or FX.

    You can do it all manually with a bit of effort.

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    Thanks for clear that up
    I don't know about the plug in ,but I will sure try to create this manually the same way you described in your post.


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