This is a short action scene I made with the most focus on the light editing. (a fixed version of another one I made)

It took a while to create cause I worked with the light, effects, editing, sounds and music very closely. But I'm not a professional editor so maybe it doesn't looks awesome.

In music and audio part i compressed some sounds and did some delay, changed some pitches and stuff like that.
Used: Magix Music Maker 14 Premium

The light was the longest part to do cause I wanted it to be perfect so I worked with it very carefully with curves, corrections and balances.
Used: Premiere Pro & After Effects CS5

Editing wasn't so much, just som fixes with the music and made the clip match the sounds.
Used: Premiere Pro CS5

Effects and slowmotion was made in After Effects CS5.

Hope you'll like it and maybe give me some comments!

(Made som differents and tried to fix the explosion better this time)