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    A long time ago, I heard that JVC were part of the Panasonic group, and due to the unavailability of JVC mini dv tapes in my locale, I started and continued to use Panasonic tapes, due to the past understanding that JVC and Panasonic had some similarity of some sort.

    So enter my back up camera, the model up from my JVC and judging from it's external appearance, it seems little used compared to my machine, and when I got it, it had a JVC mini dv tape in it, so I am guessing or perhaps thinking that my new machine might actually have been an Xmas fad that died and the tape in the machine was one of the original tapes supplied in the camera packaging. I am not sure if there is a use counter anywhere in these cameras, but it might be helpful if anyone knows, a JVC GR-DVX 507EK and a JVC GR-DVX 707 EK.

    Anyway, back to the subject, recordable media, mini dv tapes, as it is my intention to stick with Panasonic tapes in my old 507 camera, I am now wondering about my new 707 camera it appearing to have run on JVC tapes, so I am asking are these two manufacturers tapes similar in terms of the applied tape lubricant or different, would it be wise to stick to what the new camera might have used, or use Panasonic tapes as an all round solution ?

    Similarly, tape head cleaners, obviously the different manufacturers dry cleaners are designed to clean where their own branded tapes have been used, so with Panasonic, I should ideally be using a Panasonic cleaner, their cleaning chemical to clean their recordable media lubrication chemical, but I am hearing the Sony cleaner is more friendly, i.e. less abrasive to record and playback heads, yet if I use a different brand of cleaner, there is a possibility of mismatch between chemicals and I could be inviting more problems than possible abrasion issues caused by say a less head friendly cleaning tape, if there is such a thing.

    So, JVC and Panasonic are they similar in any way, and with that the tapes they supply, can I just switch over to Panasonic and stay with it with my current cameras ?

    ( In case anyone is wondering why I have two of the same cameras, well initially it was a backup idea following a period when my own camera died for a while, I was gutted, now my camera is up and running again, a back up I will keep, but at the same time use it in conjunction with my existing camera, but with different angle of view, different settings, be that subtle effects on one, filters or such things, and pure unadulterated video on the other, so I can have plenty to work with in editing ).

    (An interesting read regarding tape similarities
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