Could someone please help me with a problem I'm having importing a video to be edited?

A while ago I did one of these race days, where they plug in a USB stick into the car dashboard and it captures video footage of your laps.

I've taken the video off the USB stick, and it's a 740mb .avi file, lasting 18 minutes - it plays completely on VLC media player, but when I've tried importing it into Windows Movie Make and Nero Vision, I only get 48 seconds of footage - I've tried unticking all (19) of the video codecs in the WMM options (as I read this might help, in case there was some clash or something), but that hasn't worked. Is it something to do with the way the video was originally compressed, and do I need to add a different codec? Why would it capture 48 seconds and not the whole 18 minutes?

Sorry if this is a noobie question. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,