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    hi there
    i m shooting a documentary by sony z1 i looking for help ,i want my footage look professional ,can u inform me best settings? for indoor interviews , outdoor landscape ? thank you very much

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    This depends on what you know already really. If all you have ever come across is little digi cams that do everything for you then theres a few basics you need to know.
    Read the manual first
    make sure you know how to white balance manually
    focus manually
    and set the exposure

    If you don't know the basic principles regarding these things then its best to swot up before heading out with the camera.

    The menu has lots of stuff in it, be sure that your recording at the right frame rate (PAL for UK, NTSC for USA).
    Ensure that the audio is set accordingly - switch to XLR for external mics or just use the internal mic.
    The internal mic will pick up a lot of camera noise (you pressing buttons and moving it). In both circumstances put your headphones on and listen to the levels.
    There is a button labeled status check which will show you the mic levels and various other info.

    Record format will let you choose wether you want to shoot in HDV or DV, bear in mind that HDV is going to take up more space on your computer when it comes to the edit. I like to shoot in progressive 1080. Under Down Convert I set it as Squeeze so it doesn't distort or crop the image.
    If I recall correctly, under the option 'I-link' is an option to down convert from HDV to DV, that again is up to you but handy to know its there.

    Overall though, whatever amazing angles and shots you find, it must be lit well and the sound must be monitored. Don't take these things for granted else all you efforts will be a total waste.

    Apologies if I am just stating the obvious, I havent bothered to look at your info cos I am lazy and you may already be well versed in most of this.
    Others will most probably have varying opinions on different settings, I recommend you take the camera out for some test runs and getting to know it before going for the final result.

    Think I've covered most stuff..

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    Default thanks a lot

    thanks a lot for informations

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