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Thread: Forge Construction: episode 1

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    Default Forge Construction: episode 1

    I have not been on here in a while, so here goes...

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    My immediate reaction is that the 1 minute of speeded up stuff should be cut to 30 secs or less, otherwise it loses interest. I suspect Rollingstock would suggets less than 10 secs for YouTube.

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    Thank you for your feedback. I would have to agree with 10sec for YouTube. I may at somepoint redo the entire series for a larger audience cutting the timelaps down to 10 or less sec between the comedy bits, Trying to get the comedic timing just right without loosing the rythem of cuts. Less is more...especially for the short attention span of youtubers. Thanx again.
    Ryan AKA rgander1 AKA "the videobloggoligist"

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