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Thread: Raid with video in mind....

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    Hi there I am new to raid. My priority is safety but I dont want to lose speed - gaining speed would be great! Could anyone answer these questions please:

    1. if my system is already installed and up and running with loads of programs is there a way of changing my system drive to raid in any way?

    2. I currently have a VelociRaptor sata II 10k rpm drive for my system does anyone think I should go for raid 1 or 10 (I am assuming this is the same as 1+0)? Or will raid 1 slow me down (with 2 raptor system, drives) and 10 not improve anything much (4 raptor drives)? I do HD video work so HD speed is nice but the raptor is already not too bad. My other option is to just use cobian back up on to an external drive which I will do with or without raid.

    3. I assume if I make a raid drive for my work it would be no problem?

    So backing up with cobian will be my way for now I am just wondering if raid would be an option worth going for later?

    My mother board is p5k deluxe with j micron controller : ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards - P5K3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP

    Anyway just give your opinion if you can - ie which raid you use/think is best for video thanks!

    running windows 7 64 bit...


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    Ah I see your problem - what you need to do is post this in a forum were people know about it.

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    Ah ok - so join another forum ok good idea! This forum rocks!

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    Most of us here are video editors, not computer techies - we generally get other people to help out! A good racing driver may know the basics of engineering, but the mechanic looks after the car.
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    Yer I guessed that that's why i did the joke ill be back later with video questions :P ....

    Ah yes and just for the info: I did some research and forum searching and came to the conclusion that raid is good but only really if you go to uncompressed video. You need like 6 10k rpm drives in raid 10 (1+0 / 0+1) or 3 in raid 0 (but not safety!) 4 SSD drives but SSD drives are not good for moving large files so they still are not good for video yet :S . I can get compressed video to work with my 10k raptor drives and my cpu and gpu do the rendering. Anyway I am sticking with backing up my work and I will get a raid drive for my work maybe one day...when I need it - tiz good if you use raid 1 or 5 or 10 in particular - it backs up your work instantly so if a drive goes down you just plug another one in....
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    Apart from the security side of it, I dont see why you require a RAID system for HD video editing, or 10500RPM hard drives. You can easily edit and produce HD bluray with SATA I and SATA II drives running at 7200RPM. I even have an Acer 9810 Core 2 laptop with 2 x 2.5" IDE drives running at 5400RPM, and I can edit in HD on that for same day edits I do on site.

    If you are just security concious, i would run your system drive as a normal drive, and have your other two drives (capture drives) running in a RAID formation just to protect your work. This way you dont have to go through all the crap of backing up your system and starting from scratch.

    As for the speed, what kind of speed are you after? quicker rendering? Having quicker drives will make very slight (if any) improvement on rendering times. Rendering comes from your RAM and processor speeds more than your drive speed, however, if you are ultimately after ridiculas speed on data retrieval, go for a Solid state drive. Apparently windows boots up almost instantly with SS drives, but the cost of them at the minute is daylight robbery. When they produce an SSD of around 500GB for about 100 I may then think about it.

    In a nutshell. Both my home quadcore system, and my laptop core 2 system will edit/render/produce HD video at the same pace, and to the same quality. But for peace of mind and protecting your work from hard drive failure, go for a RAID set up. But dont spend astronomical ammounts of money on it. There is no need.

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    Yes as I said large files ie video will quickly mess up your ssd with the current hardware solutions there are some new fixes coming in but its still not great ssds are still best for only the system drive.

    I was having problems mainly with using cs4 premier pro and trying to get a nice HD lossless format to edit in but CS5 might just have come to my rescue! I was using an old version of avid because of the HDxND codec I will see how prem. pro cs5 works...will be trying it soon... unfortunately got a ATI card tho so not sure how good it will be on my set up due to no cuda :(...

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