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Thread: World in Conflict - Linkin Park - The Catalyst Music Video (Unofficial)

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    Default World in Conflict - Linkin Park - The Catalyst Music Video (Unofficial)

    With the plague of wars that have wreaked havoc on our planet from the earth's starting point, the inevitable promise of chaos and planetary destruction lie in the very events we hear and see in our commercial and informational media.

    This video was largely inspired by the words of Linkin Park's new single, lyrics which spoke to me of the world's state, a state of chaotic conflict and turmoil. For a few years now, I have made video's principally derived from gaming material and trailers, however this time I sought to create a video using historical media as well as photographic images in collage with material from games which effectively demonstrate the destruction that war has on our world - which for me is the general tone of the song.

    Justin Everest | Blue Candy Productions

    Music by Linkin Park - Catalyst

    Content from Gametrailers

    Thanks and hope you enjoy
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