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    hi, i'm looking for a second hand camera and the canon xl1s are much cheaper second hand then the xl2 but can u tell me the difference between the two. also i will be doing alot of low light shooting...night time stuff what are they like in low light.....and if there not very good what is a good camera for low light shooting.


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    Your not likely to find any secondhand XL2s now are you! Canon are not THAT great for low light (Even the Xl2 - although better than the Xl1s) just about the best low light cameras in that price range at the moment would be a Sony VX2100 or PD170. There is no need here to compare the Xl1s and XL2. There is so much information on the net I'm sure you can do this yourself. But it all depends on what your wanting to achieve. For example if you must have 'real' widescreen then perhaps you only have the Xl2 as an option. Are you not able to hire one out and run some tests?
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