I have just finished my second wedding video

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlohTOT3G6A&hd=1"]YouTube - ‪Mads Dreier Wedding Photography - Ditte and Mads - HD‬‎[/ame]

Video and stills was shot with Canon 5DmkII with several Canon L-lenses.
Editing was done in Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

The text in the beginning and end is in danish ---> The start: Our day, The first in the rest of our lifes The end: We will never forget this day, Thank you, Love Ditte and Mads (The groom and I share the same name...i was not the photographer AND the groom)

Hope you will enjoy the video...all feedback are welcome!

Best regards
Mads Dreier
Danish Wedding Photographer in Copenhagen
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