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Thread: Subtitle size?

  1. Default Subtitle size?

    Anybody here know the formula for how big subtitles should be? I'll be projecting a video at about 50 to 75 yards and I want to make sure the subtitles are readable.

    If they are easily readable when I show them on a TV screen (I've made them about double size of normal subtitles intentionally) will that translate into a projected size that is easily readable at a distance?

    And is there standard recommended size for subtitles?

    Thank you.


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    I would assume that what looks appropriate on a TV screen, would look equally appropriate on a projected video. After all, it's just scaled up to the relevant size. For example subtitles at cinemas appear to be the same size (relative to the screen size) as thos broadcast on TV or on a DVD. Again, I would assume that it is the size relative to the picture that is important. At the end of the day, a bit of trial and error is key.

    Here is an "interesting" read: Subtitling Standards -- A Proposal

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