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    Hi Everyone

    I am just new on here today, looking for a bit of advice.

    I run a website design company, and I am doing some videos for my new website at the moment. I am very new to video editing. Bought myself a cheap little flip ultra hd camera, and cheap green screen background to do some videos for my new website. Managed to get some decent quality video and green screen footage for being a novice.

    Anyway to cut long story short, only thing I am not happy with is the sound, its got background noice, and an echo.

    I have tryed editing slightly in the software I was using adobe premier elements 8, but didnt get on great.

    What I am thinking was getting an external microphone, and recording the sound while also recording the video and matching them up.

    My question is, is this easy enough to do? and would i be able to do on a budget? the videos are only small part of the website and I dont want to spend too much more getting them done, but i would prefer for the audio to be right on them

    any help would be much appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by RFK Solutions Ltd View Post
    My question is, is this easy enough to do?

    Get a digital recorder. If you're really tight for cash get a Zoom H2 (about 150) and the built in mics are surprisingly good.
    Otherwise a more upmarket digital recorder and a decent mic. But you're looking at 500 for a reasonable shotgun.

    What would concern me is you are setting up your own website, promoting you as a website design company, including video and that video is not professionally produced. Assuming you're website design and graphic skills are top notch, aren't you concerned that your videos are going to make the whole thing look like amateurville?

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    I'd agree with Tim about the Zoom H2. You could also look on ebay for used mics. I got a Sennheiser K6 / ME66 shotgun mic for 275 plus postage. Remember that sound is at least as important as the images of your video some say more. So thinking about that don't skimp on the sound if you want your videos to seem profesional.

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