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Thread: Upgrading to Pin Stud Ult 14

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    Question Upgrading to Pin Stud Ult 14

    I have just bought Pin Stud 14 Ult and have the following questions.

    Previous use of versions 8 - 10 (upgrade version) Pin Studio Plus - 12 Ultimate.

    Before installing version 14 do I have to install versions (, 10 & 12 first to be able to "import" previous plug-ins?

    At present a new installation of Win 7 and do not want to bog down system with software(s) that will have to either be removed or sit there doing nothing. If I have to install all the previous versions and then remove it will leave my system in a poor state as Pinnacle is not the cleanest program to uninstall and this would possibly create problems with version 14 afterward.

    Has anyone come up against this and if so what was the result afterward (problems with 14 after removal of older versions)

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    You should be able to go ahead and install it unless pinnacle says otherwise.

    I use to have S8 Trial version and then bought v12.
    I then chose to uninstall the trial version, run disc clean up. And Defragmenter. Then do a clean install. Without any problems. You wouldn't need to install any other versions first.

    One thing though, Pinnacle needs tons of memory to work properly.

    Please post back and let us know how you get on Good Luck

    Hope this helps


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    Mike thank you for the reply.

    First sorry the delay in getting back to you but got tied up with other things.

    I eventually managed to find the link for a live chat with Pinnacle and got the needed info that way. According to them I can install version 14 then install my old plug-ins\codecs from versions 10 & 12. Also it is seemingly OK to uninstall older versions AFTER installing version 14.

    I have 4GB (3.25 usable) RAM. Processor is an Intel i3 on Gigabyte P55-Ud6 motherboard. I will\am using a dual boot Win XP (prof) & Win 7 (Prof) OS's

    One thing about Pinnacle. I have tried to change my registration e-mail (moving registered programs from old e-mail address to a new one). After 2 hours I gave up. I managed to lock my self out of my original account due to getting continual messages at log in saying that either name or p\wrd was wrong. After (trying) to reset the password 5 - 6 times I managed to get logged in but it would not accept my password (yet again) when asked for conformation of e-mail change. Result? I can no longer access my Pinnacle account.

    I then tried to contact them once again using the previous Live Contact. Once agin it would not accept my details. In the end I had to make another account with nothing registered to be able to contact them. Needless to say I am not a "Happy Chappie"

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    Hi Erniek

    Thank you for posting back. I couldn't get on to DG, yesterday so here goes.

    Yes I agree, and I think most others will that Pinnacle after sales service is the worst on the planet. I try to avoid them like the plague. The pinnacle Forums seem to be helpful enough.

    Like I said I did a clean install of V12, Having removed the trial version, and had no problems.

    The reason I mentioned memory. 4GB Should be plenty enough. I have only 2GB at the moment and if I include all the gizzmos like video overlay and to many effects the programme will freeze. As many others have found out. Also my machine will not run Magic Bullet as the Graphics card is not up to it.

    When you have installed successfully and the programme has settled down. with the power of your Computer you should have some good fun with it.

    let us know how you get on in case anyone else here also may have the same problem. Good Luck.

    p.s I see you are in Scotland. I am right down the bottom in Paignton Devon.

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    Hi Mike
    First I made a mistake with my processor. It is an Intel i5 Processor and not an i3.

    I have been using Pinnacle for about 6 years now and the first PC I ran it on was, lets say, underpowered both in the processor and the RAM and it took about 2 days to render a 1 hour video. Changed days now.

    At present I have version 12 installed onto my other partition (XP) and will be putting version 14 onto my Win 7 partition. After making sure that I have a good (working) image of the XP installation I will then try to install 14 onto it, alongside 12, and after that remove version 12. This will\should show any possible problems. If any problems arise I will post back and let you know.

    Even though Pinnacle say that this can safely be done I am not to sure as the uninstalling of 12 might (possibly) remove key\required files along with it thus disabling or crippling version 14. But I will wait and see.

    I stayed at Bridge House in Dawlish 3 times for respite care after hospital treatment a few years ago. I have also been camping down that way a few times. I love it down Cornwall & Devon. Almost as good as the Scottish Borders.

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    Every time Pinnacle upgrade their software they don't mention the fact that you may need to upgrade your computer to use the programme. They seem to be well ahead of the game.

    I have been looking at upgrading to a workstation as I am very much into video always have been. With adverts for Newquay Holidays and VHS Conversions.

    YouTube - captionworld's Channel

    YouTube - Gigagannet's Channel

    Look forward to hearing your installation results.



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