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    Can I play camcorder images directly on a PC without capturing them first?

    I'm using a camcorder to record and want to be able to playback a number of times to analyse the images to see exactly what is happening.

    I can connect the camcorder to my PC using a 4 pin firewire lead and then will be connecting the PC to a projector. I've got the monitor lead to connect the PC to the projector but haven't got any other leads to connect the camcorder directly to the projector.

    I know I can capture the images from the camcorder using moviemaker and then play them back but can I just play the tape showing it directly on the PC and thus the projector without capturing it first which will be much quicker to do?

    If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

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    A lot of cameras have composite video sockets (red, yellow,white) that you can plug into a TV. Your projector should have these sockets so you could plug the camera directly into the projector.

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