I'm struggling to upload my video from my Sony DCR - HC47 to my PC.

It's connected by USB and I'm trying to capture it in Corel, but the picture resolution is very poor and the video stops and starts on the monitor and again when I play it back. On the Handycam it is running fine.

I have tried uploading it the same way to my brothers laptop and it is uploading fine (no pixelation and not juddery), we are both using the same program (Corel), can't get it to capture on windows movie maker), and both via USB connection.

Strange thing is, it is a brand new Dell desktop which is far more powerful than my brothers laptop and it has a stand alone Graphics card (Nvidia 220).

Please can someone try to help, I'm not very advance with computers, so please help me as much as you can to determine what the problem is and how I can overcome it.

Thanks Jody