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Thread: Editing H.264 from Canon Ixus (or do I batch convert first?)

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    Lightbulb Editing H.264 from Canon Ixus (or do I batch convert first?)

    Hi All,

    I've recently bought a new digital camera (Canon Ixus 110) with 720p movie recording, which I believe is using the H.264 codec saved to a .MOV file.

    I used this a little to complement my normal video camera on holiday (which is bulkier and only DV quality) and am looking to edit both video types in Vegas.

    I'm just going for a Widescreen DV project so the DV footage edits perfectly as always. However, my new HD H.264 footage is causing me some problems. I realise this codec isn't ideal for editing so I was just wondering what people would suggest doing? Batch convert the .MOV files first? And if so, which codec is best to preserve quality and make them more editing-friendly?

    I hear VLC has a nice batch converter, or would doing it in Vegas be simplest?

    Any suggestions welcomed & appreciated!


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    Anyone got any ideas please?

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    Yep, I would batch convert the ixus files to DV (it's best to do this anyway to ensure you have the same types on the timeline), and then import these into your project. There's a range of free options that will batch convert, including MPEG stream clip.

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    Thanks Marc - that's great. I managed to use SUPER to convert them to raw to keep them HD, although I may follow your advice and redo them (another night of rendering!). Is it a problem to mix resolutions and formats in the timeline? I'll be exporting DV anyway at the end.

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