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Thread: Pinnacle 14 Export Error; Real Time

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    Angry Pinnacle 14 Export Error; Real Time

    Help, Help, Help,
    I am new to this forum but am hoping someone can save me from banging my head against the wall.

    I am using P14 Ultimate and am having trouble Making Movie. I am getting an errror message about half way through the file creation (timeline). The process stops and then Pinnacle displays:

    Export error; real time c:\programdata\studio14\data\render/[name of my video] 1dc602b0\dvd\studiosequence\temp

    The wierd part is that I created a DVD on two days ago without any isssues with an earlier copy of the wedding video.

    The second issue I see is that there are ! in the window some of the time on a few clips which goes away if I grab the timeline slide.

    Any thought? I stop using Pinnacle after version 11 -- I grew tired of this but thought version 14 had eliminate much of these issues.

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    Most likely a corrupt video clip at the point where the Make Movie stops - try removing clips at around that point and see what happens.

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    this was happening to me. After you have finished editing, save and close the program. Re open and go straight to make movie and create. This works for me every time, but if i edit and go straight to make movie i get the same error message.

    Cant explain it, some sort of glitch!!

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    Default Pinnacle 14 Export Error; Real Time solution


    In pinnacle studio as the movie is being rendered, the cursor moves along with it, this way you can find out at what point in the rendering process, the program stopped.

    when you get the Pinnacle 14 Export Error; Real Time at some frame, then you know that, that frame may be damaged, so cut a few frames before and after where the cursor stopped, and try again.

    if the rendering process stops a few times during the compilation, keep cutting those pieces and try again.

    i hope that helps

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    I have the same export error when trying to create a DVD, but it did create an mpeg file without any error. Why would that make any difference?

    I am also using version 14 Ultimate.


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