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Thread: Kitchen jam :)

  1. Cool Kitchen jam :)

    Sometimes I get all groovy..

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    Excellent variation on a theme. Great job.

    I think I'd have chosen a much cleaner, sharper, brighter more clinical look to the grading to emphasize the crispness of the beats/chpping etc, but maybe that would have been the "obvious" treatment.

    I think I'd like to have made it and I may just have a go at something similar. (Though it won't include any shots of me 'cos I wouldn't inflict that on onyone)

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I had a go at something similar but got bored with the tight editing needed and gave up.

    Well done you did a great job and have demonstrated your very capable musicianship more than once on this forum. Your sense of humour seems to come though also. You have shown you have a great sense of timing in the editing.

    The hard thing for you, I think, is to improve on the camera work a little. This I know is not easy when you are filming your self.

    Great job.

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    Hey that was marvellous!
    Really entertaining. I dont know how you go about making this sort of thing but it looks incredibly time consuming & very fiddly to get it looking so good!
    It's a million miles away from the music & videos we do but just as relevant & creative.
    I dont want to be derogatory about another woman's kitchen but the lo fi filming & bad lighting/ colour grading you used, that gave the video it's rough homemade charm also made your kitchen look like it needs a good scrub!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah & Allison View Post
    made your kitchen look like it needs a good scrub!
    A typical "mum" quote, eh?

  6. Smile thanks so much guys

    for watching and commenting,
    It really means a lot..
    well, as you may notice my main thing is music, I'm a musician I play the guitar, write songs and I have concerts and everything... besides that I'm kinda a video editor..
    and lately I got this new video camera and I started to do those little youtube vids...
    I know I have a lot to to learn about shooting, lights, color correction and everything.. so If you have advices for me in all terms of filming stuff I'd love to hear (read it haha)

    Cheers from Israel !

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    Well I can advise you to read thought the threads you are interested in on here also I learnt a lot from YouTube tutorials. If you have a specific question you can always post a new thread.

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