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Thread: HELP!! Pinnacle 14 problems

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    Default HELP!! Pinnacle 14 problems

    Hi, firstly this is my first ever posting on a forum ever, so appologies if I don't include everything I should. However.....

    I am in need or some urgent assistance. I am Best man For my friends wedding in approx 10 days time.
    As part of my speech, I have used pinnacle 14 to edit together numerous items in order to play it at hiswedding.

    Thisbeing Video footage captured off a digital camera, Full HD video from my camcorder,aswell as numerous photos or images I found whilst searching the web. also a number of "backing songs"

    In shorts, I have invested some 70hrs cutting up the various videos to split second timing so they appear to be saying thing which they are actually not!
    In addition to matching this up with backing music etc etc.

    The whole thing last for about 9 minutes.

    When I play this back in the "editing suite" the timings are xcellent, and it all flows seemlessly. (however sometimes it has crashed, or had some lag on the sound) but 90% of the time it works great.

    However, when I selevt "MAKE MOVIE" , no matter which file format i make the movie in, when I play it back, the sound is distorted, the editing is all a mess, and for example, one segment may run over by 2 or 3 sec, even though that was edited away, and another bit my be short by a few seconds.

    This really has me demented.

    Can anyone help?? I am in Newcastle. If I am unable to sort this myself and you can I will pay, and travel.

    Otherwise I beleive I would have to by other software and start again and I am running out of time.

    Thankyou for your help


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    If you have edited this in HD as well, which I think you have. Pinnacle software can handle it but maybe not so with your computer. HD is very processor and memory hungry sounds like you've maxed both out.

    Try selecting "Edit in standard mode" instead of HD. It may mean starting all over again. I had a similar problem with V12.

    Also don't go over board with to many special effects (FX ETC) Hope this helps

    Please post back and let us know how you get on


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    okay, I was in fear of this. Thanks for your quick response.

    Do you know if there is a way of selecting it all to render it in SD as it stands?

    Or in addition, do you know if it possible to take what i have done on my laptop, and put it

    onto another computer with higher spec, also running pinnacle in order to create the AVI file?

    I really dont think I have the time to do it all over again, only to be left with the same poblem.

    Or could you recomend another program which may work better?

    Thanks again for your help.

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    I am using V12 it gives you a choice of HD & SD on editing a new video. V14 apparently does not do this at the start. Must be HD by default. I did a quick Google. "HD to SD in V14" its mentioned. but they don't say how, it is in there somewhere.

    I would guess that Pinnacle has allready saved your video in HD format, transfering back to SD may effect the quality. that's if it is possible of course.

    You could experiment on another computer, see what happens you have nothing to loose only your time.

    Sorry I cannot recommend another programme to you as I have only ever used Pinnacle not everyone's favorite I know.

    Have a look around this Forum there are many suggestion on this topic, or post a new question.

    Sorry I cannot be of more help.

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    Just found this link

    Avid Knowledge Base

    Hope this helps

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    Hello deevo - this is my first post as well.
    I've been using Pinnacle Studio v14 since it first came out and it's easily the most stable - also, for the first time I'm running it on a PC which can actually cope...!

    I have a few suggestions which I hope may help.

    Firstly, make sure you're editing in Timeline Mode (next to the Audiometer on the RH side, choose the middle one, the long boxes. The other modes make me aggressive.

    Secondly, go to FILE and Delete Auxiliary Files... and clear out all the files for all projects. These background rendering files can take up Gbs of space and really don't help.

    Thirdly, go into SETUP - Video and Audio Preferences and make sure Enable Background Editing is ticked. What this does is render each clip as you edit. This is shown as a green progress bar above each clip. Final rendering is much more accurate and less liable to make the program freeze if all background rendering is done before you click "Make Movie".

    Fourthly, you could try just rendering one single clip - might only be a few seconds - by using the new Marker function. This is situated on the rh side just underneath the preview monitor; the white dropdown list window and sort of pen-nib shaped thing to the right. Click onto the first frame you want to render and hit the pen-nib shaped thing, a Number 1 marker should appear on the timeline. Then go to the final frame to render and hit the marker button again, creating a Marker 2. Now, once background rendering is complete, go to Make Movie and choose either avi if you're rendering SD or mpeg2 if it's HD. Before you click start, you'll see a "from" window and a "to" window. Choose marker 1 in "from" and marker 2 in "to". Now click make movie, perhaps choose to desktop and it should export just the bit you've highlighted between the markers.

    If this comes out accurately, try a couple of clips between the markers and so on until you can trace the source of the problem.

    I had a similar problem some years ago and ended up re-capturing just two short clips which had corrupted on the hard drive and sent everything else doolally.

    Let me know how you get on.



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