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Thread: cannot open mpg folder

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    Default cannot open mpg folder


    I have folders of mpg's that I wish to burn to DVD or in some cases erase.

    However any attempt to open the enclosing folder via windows results in a explorer crash.

    If I attempt to open the folder through a 3rd part app (any app, not just video ones) that app crashes.

    In fact the only way I can 'see' inside the folder is to log into the WinXP machine using my MacOSX machine and delete the files from the Mac interface. This says a lot about XP v Mac OSX but lets not start that one

    Can anyone suggest what to do? I have tried moving the folder, renaming files (via the mac) etc etc



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    LOL. must have a lot of videos in that folder.
    I had a problem like that once. windows was trying to view my video
    files with thumbnail preview, resulting in every window to crash
    when I tryed to view them. There also might be something corupt in the
    folder aswell. try to move some of them to another folder in DOS
    mod. DOnt know if that will work or not, If windows is the problem
    then maybe it will be a work around.

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    well, just some stuff off the tv, about 2hrs worth,

    Im going to try a sys restore and then go in as a different user


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