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Thread: HELP ME PLEASE - Cannot view or lift video from DV tape!!!

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    Default HELP ME PLEASE - Cannot view or lift video from DV tape!!!

    Just encountered a big problem!! got back off job, ready to capture footage from tapes. got ready to start and played first tape, but it got slightly chewed within seconds. I stopped the camera, and started again. From that point, when I play any mini dv through that camera or my otherone (completely separate!!) nothing appears on the tapes, and no time codes appear - aaaaarrgh!!! What on earth has happened, and how can I sort this out. Thanks in advance. A very upset person!!

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    Have you tried cleaning your tape heads?
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    Absolutely agree. I encountered exactly the same problem with one of my Sony's. Lost timecodes the lot. DV it seems will not playback at all, it seems, unless it can read the code. A head clean later, voila! back in business.

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