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Thread: Short: "The Dark Side"

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    Default Short: "The Dark Side"

    This is a short film that was improve. It was also shot and edited in 24 hours. Hope you like it.


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    Natuarally acted, but you made no attempt to be in the same positions for the mid-shots and the closer shots. You even swap which hands are on your chin etc. This just looks plain wrong and becomes very distracting. No doubt you noticed this when you came to the edit.

    Some other tips which helps remove the "jumps" when you cut between shots from different takes:

    Always try to cut on movement - the brain is following the movement, not the position of static objects.

    Get more contrast between the shots you cutting to/from. You could have come in closer for the close ups, providing more contrast. It also means that more of the other parts of the body are out of the shot and so are not spotted being in different positions.

    Similarly, instead of just changing the framing, change the angle as well.

    All these things will help cover the slight continuity errors.

    That said, the problem was nowhere near as great in the second part of the movie..

    I enjoyed the story and I liked the framing with the unusual objects highlighted lower left.

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    I've seen another film recently on a similar subject. This was acted well I thought. Like Tim said a couple of odd cuts and a jump cuts. The over all look of the film was good and the sound was good.

    The storey was well told and I especially like the part at 3:50 when he saw another, and another. very funny.

    An enjoyable movie.

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    Thanks for watching and your comments. I agree about the quick jumps. I looked at what we shot and decided that to keep the pace and the mood I needed to do some odd cuts. I know it doesn't match and that was my fault in shooting. But you are right. Ive only been doing this for about a year, and man you should see some of my earlier stuff. THEY SUCK. but I really do appreciate both of your criticism an im glad ya'll enjoyed it. thanks again for watching and thanks even more for helping me with your thoughts.

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