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    What do you guys think?

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    So skimming is like baby surfing ?

    I like the beginning but after a while I got the feeling I get when listening to an over produced pop record. All the post production began to grind with me. The over saturated colours on top of the vignetting and then slow mo etc....

    Don't get me wrong this type of video cries out for that kind of treatment but if it's use on top of poor substance, it all become a bit to sweet for me.

    Some nice cut aways though. I guess at the end of the day it's just not my kind of thing.

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    I would mirror MB's comments, and all of those in your other thread ( I think you're limiting yourself to the music you've chosen and, more importantly the static position you stood to film.

    In terms of the music, we both videos you've chosen a slow starting song and started it from the begining. It's not until 30 seconds in that the video actually gets started. The logos at the front are lovely (did you make these yourself?), but...

    You really need to start filming for the edit. You need a whole range of shots - close ups, distance, tracking, cut aways. Otherwise the edit become predestrian, no matter how well shot.

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    Gotta agree with the other guys. I'm not sure that you can shoot from many more positions (as Marc suggests) without getting in a boat or standing in the water. However, it does cry out for a much wider variety of shots such as those listed by Marc.

    It has to be said that the shots you have good qualty, and both the editing and the treatments are pretty much ideal. It must be easy to get carried away with this sort of vid and go over the top with FX , which you've managed to avoid.

    I think the music kills it. Sure, it's lively enough, but it certainly doesn't match or enhance the energy or excitement we see in the video.

    I'd have liked some nat sound mixed in there. Sticking lots of shots over a piece of music does tend to get a bit wallpapery - or as Midnight said - sickly sweet.

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