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    Well, I am interested in getting one aqua video camera, like to take stills and movie in water. I got more information in google, however i am little bit confused with terms used, any one can explain or tell the model suite for newbie? thanks for any update.
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    What did you get confused about? I did a Google search for underwater camera and it found quite alot.

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    I would go for a stills camera that takes video rather than a video camera that takes stills. Then get a underwater case to put it in. I don't know what the best model is etc....

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    Hey MB - just realised you are just down the road from me !

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    Yes, thats right. Your in Poppy and I'm in Haxby. Where you at the IOV meeting in Leeds a couple of weeks ago ?

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    Yes... I was there....

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    I thought I saw your name in the book. I thought it was an interesting presentation of the steady cam.

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    Yeah - and it was heavy too. Not sure I want to carry that thing around all day... but I'm sure he (they) get to go on some interesting gigs.

    Where were you sat ?

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    I was at the front in the middle/right. I was the hansom young one, well alright the little fat bloke. I asked him why he spent 6000 just on a monitor !

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    I do remember the question - and his answer too. The trouble is I also remember thinking that the monitor I bought for $700 did all that too

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