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Thread: Gears- Assistants?

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    Few days back I bought a new fancy photo vest thinking it would solve my problems. I'm not a big strapping lad, the vest is cool, but there are so many pockets, I often forget where I stashed things.
    Wondering: How do other wedding photographers carry their gear while shooting? lol
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    I think you're lost. Please check with your owner, this is a video forum
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    An assistant / runner works wonders

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    Assistant... Simples.

    Someone to carry the tripod, camera bag, spare tapes and batteries. Essential.

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    Default Why is someone posting with my URL?

    Don't know why someone is using my URL in their posts? I never started this post about buying a "new fancy vest". Very strange.

    So please stop posting rachard1583 with my URL in your posts.

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    Odd the stuff people do isn't it.... BLWeddings - I've checked and since his email is a web based one and yours is linked to that domain I've removed the link for you.

    On a positive note - it did bring you to the best video editing site on the net....

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    Yep very odd!! I follow all my stats and noticed visitors clicking through to my website from here. Which is how I found it. Never come across this site before!! As a video editor it's always nice to find a fresh new forum. I mainly do wedding videography and event videography so will have to have a good look at the discussions!!

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