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    Hey guys, here is one of the three films i'm releasing this week. This one is titled faceless and has been a project iv'e been wanting to make for a while but never had time until now. I do hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

    viewer discretion is advised


    Behind the scenes pics to come!

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    I hope people don't say that the pace is to slow, I think it needed to be at that pace well perhaps just a little quicker. BUT I don't want to detract from that fact that you made an excellent movie.

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    Very well made. I liked the way you managed to create some sort of empathy with the narrator even though you kept his face out of shot - that's no easy to do as so much of the acting is in facial expression.
    I thought the concept was quite good, though I didn't particularly theink the examples of the different masks were particularly well chosen. Don't ask me to come up with better ideas though, 'cos I can't!

    I won't upset Midnight by saying I thought the pace was too slow - I didn't think it was, particuilary, but I did think the film was far too long. We get the idea very early on that we (or siome of us) wear many masks for different occasions and I felt that the film rather repeated this over and over without adding any new perspective when I was just itching to get to the punchline. And it was a good punchline, but I could so easily have got fed up waiting for it and skipped to the next video.

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    That reminds me I forgot to say how good the FX was at the end.

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    Hi Fred, great video mate - enjoyed it a lot!

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    Two behind the scenes pictures below! More to come!

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    thats a very tidy little production, had me hooked right from the start (after the promotion stamp), i watched a doco on tv which used a method of never showing the faces of the people in the story, in the strangest way not seeing a face is a very powerful tool, well done.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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