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Thread: Need help!

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    Hi guyz,

    Im new to this forum. My quesiont is i want to get a object fully out of a video? Is that posseble? Example there is a table with a glass on it can i edit the video that only the table is there? I saw someting about rotoscoping but i dont know how to get something out of a video?


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    I don't know exactly what your video looks like but the first thought that came to mind was using the cookie cutter tool to chop out the object. Then overlay another suitable piece of the video to fill the hole.

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    Omg thx im gonna watch a vid how that tool works. Thx for the help


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    I cant find a good tutorial for the cookie cutter? you know a good video on youtube?

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    might be a good starting point for you.

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    thx for youre help. But i still dont know howyou think i can cut something out of a video with cookie cutter? Imagine a video camera on tripod filming a table with a glass of water on it. Now i wanna remove the glass of water with sony vegas so the table is empty? Please give me a better youtube video or explain it to me


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    If thats what you want to do why not shoot the scene with the object then shoot it again without the object.

    Click on the word THIS on top of the video it will take you to YouTube with a whole list of related videos. I did say this was only a starting point.

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    But that was an example the real thing i would like to do is holding a botle in my hand and edit my hand away so the bottle is moving in the air. I need help quik i wanna learn that.

    Know something?

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    Well that's very different, What I would advise you do is shoot it on a green screen.
    Lock down the camera shoot once holding the bottle and once not holing the bottle. If the bottle doesn't move it could look convincing. YouTube has plenty of green screen tutorials.

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    bt i still dont think you understand me. I dont want a 1 shot movie from a bottle i want it like to move arround or something etc i cant do 2 exact same move arounds:P isnt there something with key framing or something? Is it really that hard to do on sony vegas? And i dont know if you know mysteryguitarman from youtube he is a pro in stop motion etc but he says in 1 movie he plays piano he rotoscoped himself out? and you only see the piano play a song? How he did that and how that works? If i look at youtube for rotoscope tutorial i only see people make themselves look like a drawing?

    plz help maybe rotoscope is something what im looking for

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