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Thread: Tilting the video display?

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    Default Tilting the video display?

    I'm looking to create a chroma key with Vegas Movie Studio 10 where we see a smartphone held in a hand, while a video plays in its display. Setup involves a photograph of a smartphone held in a hand. I am chroma keying the smartphone display. The challenge is that the smartphone is tilted back at an angle (see photo, below, which shows an implanted photo the way video SHOULD display). I can get the video displayed in this chroma key area to show fine, but it's showing the normal "flat" aspect ratio. Anyone know how to make the video tilt back a bit to fit the smartphone's aspect ratio? I've tried the Event Pan/Crop effect but it seems to work only on a 2-dimensional plain. Can't figure out the Track Motion command. Anyway, many thanks if anyone can provide advice!

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    You can use the deform tool in the video FX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    You can use the deform tool in the video FX.

    Figures it would be as easy as that! I just tried it and it works. Thanks for the pointer. Sure wish there was a decent manual that explains this minutia.

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