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    Default Remote control from a PC

    Does anyone know of a USB/PC device to substitute a standard 'remote control' unit (e.g. the ones that often come with cameras) with a PC.

    I have been looking into how a PC might act like a 'remote control'. In my case, I have a cheap Kodak Zi8 and its standalone 'remote control' unit.
    For years, we have seen remote controls which can 'learn' the codes from other devices; and therefore substitute them. For example, the old "3 in 1" devices.
    I assumed, wrongly; that there would be lots of USB/PC devices which could do the same thing. So far, I have only found one in the UK (the RedRat3 ).

    Does anyone know of any others? Or have any other comments?

    Many thanks.

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    Not really sure if this is any help but I managed to get my Sony DSLR computer controlled.
    I bought a Velleman K8055 which is an interface board for the PC, it plugs in via USB and simply connects circuits via PC control. You can control lights and stuff via your PC.
    Obviously I had to use a wire for my DSLR as that is the only remote option but I guess you could dismantle the remote and connect wires to the remote's Record button, then pass both wires into the Digital input ports of the K8055 and the circuit will be connected when you wish via PC software.

    Here are a couple of pics of my remote:
    Remote 1
    This shows th board, the black thing at the bottom of the image is the plug that goes into the camera, I had to make this out of card and black tape.

    Remote 2
    This shows the cables that take the picture, when the white wire is activated, the camera's autofocus is activated, then when the red is activated the picture is taken.

    Maybe its a little too technical for your needs but it costed about 25 in total.
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    I've never come accross anything like this except for a Sonos which can be controled with an iphone app.

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