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    Default Dutch rowing

    Hey people,

    I made a movie about rowing at our club in the Netherlands, please tell me what you think!

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    Tempted though I am to make jokes about women rowers and the need for a small cox, I shall refrain.

    Put a bit of Sigur Ros to any slo-mo pictures and they look good, so my only comment on the music is that it ended a bit strangely with a fade-out which didn't quite work.

    There are some really nice pictures, the cameraman/woman has captured some really nice images and the editing was competant, if not inspired. It's okay for a short trailer about the rowing club but it doesn't have a "wow" factor. I would send your cameraperson out on a few cold mornings to get those sunrise shots, the crews warming up in the early morning mist. The preparations.

    This would create a visual build-up to the music high points which come with Sigur Ros.

    Then the final "money shot". The whole team raising their arms and shouting for joy as they win a race (or whatever) needs to be in time with the musical orgasm.

    Or, you let the music calm down and slow down the visuals as well, ending with a sunset or evening shot. There were some really nice compositions in the images. It just needs a bit more "wow" effect"

    In my humble opinion.

    Or just add a few wet 'T' shirts
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    Can't really add to what Braveheart said. Very nice shots.

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    Thanks for the comments! we're new to the world of shooting videos and editing, so appreciate all the help. You're right, the "sunny" parts look the best, we should get more of those.

    Also building up with some nice "teamwork" videos should be cool, wet t-shirts, hmmmmm...

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