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Thread: Our 3rd Music Video

  1. Default Our 3rd Music Video

    Here's our 3rd music video by our band Death by Guitar
    We're really pleased to finish this before Allison moves away.
    We wanted to make a simple video after Animal proved so tortuous to complete, but let's face it it's impossible to go backwards & we ended up making an even more involved video.
    But nothing prepared us for the trauma of trying to get it on YouTube.
    However it was great fun to film & people actually seemed to be queuing up to appear in it, which was very nice.

    Thanks to all who gave us advice.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina
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    I'm gonna make myself really unpopular here, by criticising the girls but...

    My personal opinion is that it's not as "good" as your previous efforts. The music is a lot more heavy but the singer isn't. I don't mean your diet is working but your voice is too melodic for the music. The screaching guitar needs a voice forced to the limit to set it off but... The lead singer is more "Louge Lady" than "Rock Bitch".

    It's also "more of the same". Blokes hamming it up with wigs on. I get the impression that you don't take your music seriously. If you don't take yourselves seriously, why should I? You can really play those instruments and I reckon you could be a really smokin' Band of Bitches, instead you come across as a bit suburbia.

    Why not go for something serious? Heavy metal plays for teen angst and frustration. Something adults also have. The women look great on the screen, so why not play it for real, not for laughs? The chromakey and such is well done but the comedy comes across as "Benny Hill" era I'm afraid and makes it all a bit amateurish.

    Sorry to be so blunt.

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    Many thanks Mel for your opinions on our video.
    We wanted to say you've missed the point but that would sound like we can't take criticism.
    The points you've made are of course completely accurate, but rather than see them as our weaknesses we see them as our strengths, or more to the point our own take on the tired rock formula.
    Everyone of our songs is full of humour, we dont take it seriously cos its meant to be funny! And our videos are likewise intentionally tongue in cheek, & made to entertain, not strike a pose like most bands seem to rely exclusively on.
    We have no pretensions to be great or serious, we are 3 mums!
    Allison by her own admission has not got a great voice, but she sings in tune & is a born show off, so we let her do what she does best in the videos!
    We dont want to do heavy metal, we wanted to make fun of it!

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    I liked the graphics and the over all look of the video. The green screening seemed good just one or two hardly noticeable points in the masking I notice. (only because I was looking for them)

    I didn't like the song as much as the previous ones and have to agree with Braveheart that the singing didn't quite sound right. But having said all that I think it's your best video to date. I thought the crowd scenes looked very good. As always with your work it takes a few viewings to see everything in the video because you pack so much in. I think you did a better job of the lighting in this video the skin tones on Sarah and Tina (and the legs) looked good.

    I still think some close up work would have been good but I feel I'm fighting a loosing battle with that one.

    Well done ladies.

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    I enjoyed it; and as a guitar user; I liked the subject matter. I liked the attention to detail, and whilst I know little about cameras and lights; it looked like alot of work went into it.

    The greenscreen stuff looked ok (to me), but walking around in 3d (the zombies entering cinema) is clearly more difficult to look convincing (I was reminded of some sections of Matt's (?) video of himself moving in different places).

    May I take this opportunity to grumble about the audio:
    It is customary to locate the vocalist in the centre of the mix. In your verses, the singer appears to be at one side (but becomes centred in the choruses). Perhaps someone forgot to check the final mix using headphones :(

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    Thanks guys for the feedback & compliments.
    I guess we chose this song because we felt the lyric would lend itself to making an entertaining video. Also it's quite short & different in style to the last two & would show another side of our music. It's certainly not immediate, & needs a few listens.
    The crowd scenes were difficult , we wanted people to go wild but when they did they jumped in front of the lights & up above the green screen, so the filming was unusable!

    Crikey Tim, what is a guitar user? Do you play it or what else can you do with it?
    The positioning of the vocal is deliberate, we dont stick to any rules!
    The song is not awash with melody & relies on the guitars to carry it.
    We wanted Allison to go up an octave & scream the chorus, but of course she couldnt, so we experimented with different ways of making the change into the chorus more defined.
    We found that starting the vocal on one channel for the verses & moving it into the middle for the choruses worked quite well. Well we thought it did!

    Check out our website it makes a lot of things clear.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    As an aside...
    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah & Allison View Post
    Crikey Tim, what is a guitar user?

    I loved that phrase when I read it. It sums up exactly what I used to get out of playing the guitar in my teens - it was just like (what I imagine is) a drug fix.

    A bit later in life we used to had a guy who the rest of us in the band described as a sax holder. The music was certainly better when he was holding rather than playing. He's the only person I know who could tap his feet in one tempo and play in another (and I'm not talking clever polyrhythms here).

    In answer to the obbvious question, why didn't we get rid of him, well, it was a bit difficult as it was his band! The rest of us left him.

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    ....and now back to the plot.
    Another great video. Looks more polished and more pro, but retains that wonderful cartoony look.
    I didn't think it had quite as strong a narrative as Animal or Bangin' Around.
    I think you've taken this green screen against a cartoony stuff about as far as you should for now (especially as you're refusing to accede to Midnights requests to do something closer than mid-shots). Would it be in order for me to throw back some of your own advice to others? Try something different for the next vid. Even if you revisit this style later.

    I have to agree with the the other posters that I don't think the song is as strong adnd neither (sorry Allison) is the vocal delivery. I understand about it being a guitar driven song, but I thought even they came across as a bit overproduced - "processed" rather than "ballsy".

    Nevertheless there were some great "new" things in it. Loved the use of the crowd, the kaleidoscope background and the use of the light rays effect on Allison at the beginning (in fact that whole opening section with the drummer through to the light rays looked really fantastic.

    As for Braveheart's comment about not taking it seriously - I disagree. Far too much work has gone into making both the music and the video for it not to have been taken seriously. What you don't take too seriously is yourselves (apart from when you're having a strop about YouTube) which can only be a good thing.

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    Thanks Tim for your (always) valuable appraisal.
    We're delighted you liked the start. We wanted a strong visual beginning & were pleased with what we achieved.

    The song was written & recorded exactly like that 2 years ago with the guitar freakout in the middle with the MC & the crowd mayhem, & the guitar divebombs so it was always theatrical & we felt we just had to do it as a video, it was such fun to plan & film. Maybe we overlooked the lack of melody & Allison's limitations with the vocal part in our eagerness.

    Maybe we will try something different now after your & Braveheart's suggestion that we should. But we're not sure how things will work with Allison being 2 hours away, instead of just round the corner.

    Yes you're right we did put a lot into this video, in fact we threw everything we could think of into it. Maybe it was too busy to be effective?

    Sarah & Allison & Tina
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    I'd agree that the song's not as strong as the last one. got my foot tappin' and the video got me smilin' job done. Loved all of the little things going on in the background. You've achieved a standard with the video that very few on these boards could match. Most of us should be asking you advice!

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