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Thread: Audio/Video Question

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    Default Audio/Video Question

    This is what's up: I recorded a video and recorded audio with a portable digital recorder. Video is fine. Audio is fine.

    I upload both to the PC. I am running Pinnacle 10. I trim the beginning and end of each file to remove the access. I then align the beginning flawlessly; so my voice matches perfectly with my mouth. BUT, when I look at the end of the video - my mouth no longer matches the audio. I would like to 'stretch' the video, to keep my voice sounding normal.

    I then go in to plugins (or something like that) click on speed, and adjust to TRY to get the video and audio to match the entire way through. I cannot achieve this, because the adjustment is too broad! I cannot get a precise number.

    I am soooo stuck. Not sure what I should do here? Any Ideas?

    I am willing to DL a new program. Is there any free-ware out there? I'd prefer to spend $0. lol. ANY help/hints would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    Drift is not uncommon.

    Most decent software will allow you to adjust by very small amounts. Do you have something like "quantize to frames" or "snap to ruler" turned on?

    If Pinnacle cannot do this, pre-process the audio in something elase. I'm sure Audacity (free) will allow you to stretch the audio very precisely.

    Are you actually using the whole uninterrupted video? If not, split it into scenes and allign each scene. Even wth a long section, if I suffer from drift I tend to split the audio and realign every few minutes. Obviously it depends on what type of audio you have as to the practicalities.

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    True - audacity will do that. I'm trying to avoid that. My voice becomes noticeably different.

    I would prefer to do that with the video.

    The clip-chopping and adjusting doesn't seem to work, as it is still adjusting on large-scale. Percentages. No decimals. Ugh, its so frustrating. This video is on hold until I find a solution.

    Any other Ideas?

    PS. Any clue why the two pieces of equipment are programmed different? (camera and recorder) Shouldn't a millisecond be programed as a millisecond? Why are they off? That makes no sense! lol

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    Just a thought, are you sure it's not just a preview problem.

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    'fraid I'm out of ideas, if you're trying to adjust the video. It's a few years since I played with Pinnacle.

    For your voice to sound noticably different, you'd have to stretch/shrink by quite a bit.

    How much drift are we talking about? and over what period?

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    It's about a 2-minute clip. The drift is about 3-4 seconds. Maybe to the average ear, it wouldn't be noticeable - but I can tell, as I hear myself every day. lol

    Preview problem? Not sure what that is...

    You would think there would be a 'sync' button, where it would read the audio of both tracks and match them up. Then I would just mute the one from the camera. Strange.

    I think I'm going to go jump off a bridge now. lol Gotta love technology.

    Thanks for the help

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    Just before you jump, there is a speed adjustment in Pinnacle, I believe it adjusts in percentages. I don't know if this will help you. I don't know of any way to do an automatic match up of time codes in Pinnacle.

    By "preview problem" I meant that it could just be a problem that your system is having processing the images and the sound, which usually happens through different devices. ie sound card and graphics card. This can cause the video to not play correctly in the preview screen. I sometimes get the image lagging behind the sound on my PC but it is a bit old now, it's not as powerful as yours. It was just a thought.

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    Something's very wrong if you're getting 3-4 seconds drift on a 2 minute clip. 3-4 frames would be extreme for a digital recorder and most digital recorders would only start to drift after an hour or so, and then only by the odd frame.

    It sounds like you're recording on audio cassette. Even mini-disc would be expected to hold sync easily to within a frame or two over a ten minute period.

    I would suggest that the settings on your recorder are wrong or your recorder is "fooked". (A Scottish technical term, used by technicians to mean broken or in need of repair).

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    Have to agree with Braveheart, it does sound as if it poorly.

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    What framerate is the video file (before Pinnacle sees it).
    Does Pinnacle recognise the clip being at the same rate?
    Same again for the Audio file.

    I am wondering whether Pinnacle might have got confused, and has wrongly converted the video file (and thus, its length) when it imported it.

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