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Thread: Fit-To-Disc Doesn't Fit!

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    Angry Fit-To-Disc Doesn't Fit!

    Does Movie Studio 9 have an upper limit on the size of the video file that can be shrunk to fit a single DVD? I'm using Vegas Movie Studio 9 (Build 55) on a 64-bit Windows 7 computer. The video consists of three mpg files and a jpg in front and at the end totaling 3-hours, 46-minutes in length. The file renders to a 10-GB mpa file and/or a 10.5-GB mpg file. When I attempt to burn a DVD using DVD Architect Studio 4.5d (Build 107) optimizing with "Fit-to-disc", I get a message that says "Media file is too big and could not fit into single DVD disc". I could not find anywhere in the literature where it says what "too big" is. Any suggestions? Note: Roxio Creator 2010 does the same thing which is why I moved to Vegas Movie Studio... so I'm new.

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    I think you've got 2 disks worth of video really. A standard DVD will take about 4.7Gb of data. So to reduce 10Gb would make the image quality poor. I would recommend splitting the video into two disks.

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    Thanks for the reply. I am in the process of making two discs because I have a deadline to meet. The movies are played on a local Cable TV station and I have run out of time. They frown on having two DVDs for the same production, but they occasionally allow it. I agree that the quality would be poor when compressing 10-GB down to 4.7-GB; but, the TV studio doesn't seem to care. I just didn't know there was an upper limit on Vegas's ability to "fit-to-disc".


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    Use a Dual Layer DVD?

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