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Thread: Yousef's Gaming - Critique and I shall learn from the wise!

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    Default Yousef's Gaming - Critique and I shall learn from the wise!


    First post here because usually I enjoy doing things my own way but I need some critique on a video I made.
    It's a show I want to start where I review/play old games and put a comedic twist and make it funny! It's kind of in the style of AVGN and NC (if you know those) in where I act and do funny expressions along with pointing out humorous instances of the game.

    I feel like I did a pretty good job but would like some critique on how I can make it better and some advice, or just tell me if it sucks and how I can make it unsuck. I know my video quality isn't the best but I am confident in my overdub quality and decent acting. I feel it can be better but not sure how?

    Warning: Contains some foul language.

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    Ok a couple of things I think you should do.
    1. Cut the whole thing so it's half as long, the review went on to long and became as boring as the game.
    2. Don't be so negative in your attitude. I know the game was pants but your negative attitude was to strong. I think it will turn viewers off but I'm not exactly your target market.

    Hope you agree with me.

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    I bailed after two minutes. This was really tedious to watch.
    You are talking as if you're in a conversation in the pub and you're making it up as you go along/. This can work, but really if we're watching a review we want you to appear to know what you're going to say and to say it clearly and succinctly.

    In the two minutes I learned that this was what happens if you take Streetfighter II, make it 50 times slower and remove the special moves. You could say that and demonstrate it in five seconds.

    People simply don't have the attention span for longer slower stuff unless it its very atmospheric.


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    @ Midnight Blue

    You have an interesting point about the don't be so negative. I was trying to be negative but in a funny kind of way. Maybe I should reevaluate if I would like to continue being negative or go for a whole new approach.

    @ TimStannard

    The basis of the show is displaying the game, how to play it, and making it comedic. It's not really a review. If you're not into video games I can understand how someone would shut it off quickly. I showed my father and he shut it off after 3 minutes, but when I showed my 20 year old friend he watched it all the way through and was laughing. The show is kind of like a podcast but with video.
    But I do agree with you, along with Midnight Blue, that I should work on getting my point across quicker and showing things quicker, i.e. shorten the video. Maybe do some faster editing?

    Now that I think about it, maybe the way I approached it made it too long and the game doesn't help lol. I had 25 minutes of gameplay footage and that was only after one play, I cut it down and only included about 7 minutes of gameplay footage in the video.
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    I'm glad you didn't take any offence at our comments, there was certainly none intended. I get what the intention of the video was. I appreciate that you have to allow some time for your comedy input etc...

    Your delivery is confident which does help things but like I said before I think you went to far on the negative. I'm not a gamer so I don't appreciate all the subtleties of the gaming references. More of a tribute to the old school, approach may have been better. I just think people like positivity in presenters even if the message is not.

    Good luck wit the next one.

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