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Thread: Fullmetal Alchemist Music Video - Skillet: Hero

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    Default Fullmetal Alchemist Music Video - Skillet: Hero

    For a long time now ive been wanting to make an anime music video. But i was never really able to find either the right video or just all that content to use. Mainly all my work is Game Movie Trailers that i create. So anyways, ive been watching this anime show at AnimeShowcase - Where all the Anime Shows, Movies, AMV'S, Games and much more can all be found here! and thought this series was amazing. And the song Hero from the new Album Skillet, goes so well with this show i had to make a video.

    Heads up!!! There are defiantly clips of spoilers in this video. So unless you have not seen the series and the Full Metal Alchemist movie, id recommend not to see it. But if you don't care, id be more then happy for you to watch this video.

    The video contains clips from Episodes 21 through 51 plus the movie as well.

    Justin Everest | Just another WordPress site


    Band: Skillet

    Song: Hero

    Album: Awake

    YouTube - skilletband's Channel

    So i hope you all enjoy and leave some feedback and tell me what you think. Thanks
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