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    just got my cannon 7D it is super quality check out this video i shot on it feebacks are welcomed.............thanks

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    Often out of focus (and I don't mean the parts where it's supposed to be o/f), poor framing, exposure way out, and the list goes on.

    Sorry mate, thumbs down from me.

    Oh BTW it's Canon not Cannon.

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    It was all intentional the focus the poor framing this was a promo we wanted people to think what the.........that's why the video was just totally random with the mask and everything we just took the camera out on that day and shot but thanks for the feed back

    and lool yeah my bad with the canon spelling!

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    Other than being a bit long, a bit repetitive, and often underexposed, I really liked it. It was a fun idea, and I liked the occasional blurred focus as it reinforced the idea of confusion and craziness in the film. Although I think the color balance you choose also reinforced this theme, it seemed to be a bit too much and detracted from the quality of the film too much and didn't truly showcase the quality of the camera itself (which I thought was the main reason you wanted to make the video in the firstplace?). Perhaps moments of this crazy color balance would have been better.

    Hope you enjoy your new camera!

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    I thought it was a pretty good public information film about the risks of putting earbuds into your ears when you don't know where they've been.

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