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    Let me know what you think

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    Thing is with you Moldy, I never know what to expect!
    I thought this was a good idea which generally worked.
    You have made what I thought was a very good edit, selecting just the right shots and angles and music to keep the whole thing rolling along at the right pace and set the right mood. The actual quality of the filming (poor lightig/exposure) wasn't quite up to the quality of the filming, but never mind - it was good enough to tell the story.

    I thought it rather petered out into a series of just pointing the zapper at a number of things which was a shame as I had hoped for the story to develop further - and having seen some of the things you've done I wouldn't have thought you'd be lacking in imagination.....

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    LOL, I thought this was a lot of fun!

    The end was a bit unfulfilling, and it seemed that both the quality and the story degraded as the film progressed. But it kept my attention and gave me a few laughs.

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    I didn't have any camera equipment, so this was shot using an ipods camera.

    I agree with the comments. I did rush to finish the ending.

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    I agree with Tim, it was a good idea but didn't quite reach the money shot for me.

    One of your better ones though and you shot it on an iPod !!!!.


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